Friday, 15 March 2019

Geography Online Classes for UPSC | Guidance IAS

Guidance IAS Institute provides Geography online classes for UPSC, Civil Services Examination.  Himanshu Sharma is the premier Geography subject faculty who gives his best guidance to the civil services students. He has a different teaching style, methodologies which makes an interactive classroom session during learning process. 

Reason for Join the Guidance IAS Institute: There are various reasons to join the Guidance IAS Institute:

  • Best faculty member withdraws from Reputed Universities, Institutes
  • Commands on Geography subject
  • Highly qualified and Experienced faculties
  • Provides Online Courses, Offline classes
  • Correspondence courses
  • Well managed classroom
  • Test Series facility
  • Relevant study materials.
  • Personal Attention
  • Motivational Environment

Structure of Geography Online classes for UPSC: Geography Online classes for upsc has developed for the convenience of that students who are unable to attend regular classroom session. Geography Online classes for UPSC are divided into mainly three parts:

  • Mains exams: In online courses which can be known as Geography Online classes for upsc examination. We are providing test series schedule which are divided into 8 section and 4 Comprehensive Test series programme. It covers full G.K. Syllabus which is very useful for UPSC Examinations. Apart for this institute is providing essay test series, Mapwork Programme for Geography Optional, Geography Optional Test Series.
  • Prelims Test Series Programme 2019: By making Prelims Test Series Programme, it gives an opportunity for step by step progress of the students in their PT preparation in real time exams. 

  •  Geography Flexi Test Series:  It is Modular Test-wise Geography Flexi Test Series for Mains 2019. These tests are flexible in nature. 

In order to feel any query, please call: +91971-879-3363 or visit Guidance IASWebsite

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